10 Reasons Why Romney Will Lose

1. He had the worst September since the Chicago Cubs in ’69

a. His screw up in England

b. The controversy over releasing his tax returns

c. His campaign adviser saying “Etch a Sketch”

d. And that video with him dismissing 47% of the electorate in the most derogatory way.

2. The Neanderthal Republicans on Rape

a. Todd Akin

b. Richard Mourdock

c. Paul Ryan

Not many women in America—or men, for that matter—are so coldhearted that they would force women to bear the offspring of the rapist who impregnated them.

3. The slowly improving economy

Oh, how the Republicans wished it had gotten worse, not better.

4. Romney’s constantly changing colors

a. On FEMA

b. On the auto bailout

c. On contraceptions

d. On Afghanistan

To say that Romney is a chameleon is to insult chameleons everywhere.

5. Romney’s flagrant lying

a. The Jeep jobs to China

b. On Obama and the deficit

c. On the Affordable Care Act allegedly costing 20 million people to lose their health insurance.

6. Romney, the vulture capitalist

a. See Bainport

b. See Obama commercial with worker laid off by Romney

7. Opposing the auto bailout

This killed him in Ohio and Michigan.

8. Minority Support for Obama

a. African Americans

b. Latinos

c. Gays and lesbians

9. Obama’s Progressive Rhetoric

As he put it in Madison, “The folks at the very top: They don’t need another champion in Washington.”

10. Sandy

Obama demonstrated leadership, and the images of him with Chris Christie were worth millions of dollars in paid advertisements.

Christie’s praise of Obama was an “Et tu, Brutus” moment for Romney.

Watch for Christie not to run for President in 2016 but to become Obama’s new secretary of Homeland Security.

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