Boycott Arizona

It’s time to boycott Arizona.

The cowardly decision by Governor Jan Brewer to sign the racist anti-immigrant bill on Friday cannot be allowed to stand.

This isn’t America when police can stop you and demand your papers because they’re “suspicious” of you.

And we can’t sit around and wait for the Supreme Court to rule on its obvious unconstitutionality—especially this current Court!

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We’ve got to act fast, express our condemnation loudly and clearly, and apply pressure.

Fortunately, people are already doing so. The response from the Latino community has been instant and outraged. And the upcoming May Day rallies are sure to be huge.

But the campaign can’t end there.

We’ve got to make Arizona feel the heat, just as we did when that state was an embarrassing holdout over the Martin Luther King holiday.

Arizona Representative Raul Grijalva is urging a boycott of his own state. San Francisco has already announced its intentions to boycott Arizona.

And you, as a consumer, should boycott, too.

So if you were planning on taking a vacation to the Grand Canyon in Arizona this summer, please cancel it, and send a note to the Arizona Office of Tourism at and tell them why you did so.

If you were planning on going golfing there this winter, please cancel and contact the Arizona Golf Association at

If you were planning on going white-water rafting in Arizona, there are plenty of other states with excellent rides available. So please go somewhere else, but first notify of your reasons.

If you were planning on attending a business conference there, please decline and tell the conference organizers why, and send a copy to the Arizona Chamber of Commerce at

If you were planning on rejuvenating yourself at an Arizona spa, try one in New Mexico instead. And be sure to notify the Arizona Spa Association at

Or if you’re like me, and you were planning on going birdwatching in southeastern Arizona to find the elusive Elegant Trogon, postpone your trip, and notify the Arizona Audubon Society at

The scapegoating of Latino immigrants has got to stop. And the place to stop it is in Arizona.

And the time to stop it is now.

Matthew Rothschild is the editor of The Progressive magazine.

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