Egypt’s Revolution Should Make Israel Come to Peace with the Palestinians

The revolution in Egypt underscores the insanity of Israel’s policy of perpetual Palestinian oppression: insane for Israel, insane for the United States, and insane for Jews around the world.

It’s insane for Israel because it’s predicated on the assumption that the major pieces of the Middle East would remain forever frozen in place. For 30 years, Israel rested comfortably as the United States bought off Egypt and secured Israel’s western flank. But today, Israel is not resting so comfortably, since the collusion of Egypt can no longer be guaranteed, and the plight of the Palestinians is a popular cause among the protesters in Cairo and Alexandria.

Nor could the sight of Egypt’s air force flying F-16s over Cairo thrilled Israel’s leaders in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Washington has outfitted Egypt’s military to the gills over the last 30 years; it was the bribe for playing ball. But if a government comes to power in Egypt that is hostile to Israel over its Palestinian policy, Israel’s future no longer looks so secure.

Israel’s policy is insane for the United States, and long has been, as it has sown anti-American sentiment throughout the Arab and Muslim world. Many Egyptian protesters detest Washington not only because of its longtime support for Mubarak but also because of its support for Israel’s Palestinian policy.

And Israel’s policy is insane for Jews around the world, a fact that the crisis in Egypt has brought to the fore once again.

As a Jew, I’ve been taken aback by the anti-Mubarak signs that show him defaced with the Star of David. These posters conflate all Jews with the policy of the state of Israel, and that’s distressing, to say the least—and more like disgusting and vile.

You can read such posters, if you like, as expressions of innate anti-Semitism.

But more likely, they are anti-Semitic denunciations that flow from Mubarak’s pro-Israel position and from Israel’s crushing of Palestinian hopes.

By not granting Palestinians a just state of their own, Israel is hatching anti-Semitism.

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