Who Are Ed Meese and Oliver North to Lecture Obama?

The right wing is so desperate to counter Pres. Obama’s sensible proposals on gun control that it’s resorted to wheeling out anybody, including some of the most disreputable people around, to throw spitballs at the President.

This week, they dusted off their Reagan Rolodexes to bring back Ed Meese and Oliver North.

Meese, Reagan’s attorney general, was the mastermind behind the coverup of the Iran-contra scandal, a scandal that should have led to Reagan’s impeachment. It was Meese who called the initial press conference to acknowledge that there was a clandestine arms supply operation to the contras. But he did so as a diversionary tactic so that probers would focus on that and not discover the violation of the Iranian arms embargo that the Reagan administration was also doing in the process.

Now, lo and behold, Meese is calling for Obama’s impeachment because the President, Meese says, is trying “to override the Second Amendment.”

Obama is doing no such thing, and the Second Amendment doesn’t guarantee Americans the right to own semi-automatic weapons.

Ed Meese? I didn’t know he was still alive.

And then there’s Ollie North, the convicted felon and chief operator of the Iran-contra scandal, going on NRA radio this week to say that

“we have now decided that one man can decide what is or isn't legal under certain circumstances.”

Actually, Ollie, that’s what you yourself did when you were illegally supplying the contras while simultaneously violating the arms embargo with Iran and then lying to Congress about it all.

To get lectures on constitutionality and impeachment from the likes of Ed Meese and Ollie North is just too much a little too much to bear.

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