Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 21, 2014

Documents released this week show that Gov. Scott Walker told one of his closest advisers "Don't hold back" after she forwarded an anti-immigrant screed to top members of his political inner circle in July of 2010.

Dorothy Moore, Walker's scheduler in his Milwaukee County executive's office who came to Madison with his gubernatorial staff, forwarded a supposed description of Mexican immigration policies, mocking the use of the term "undocumented." The email can be found on page 10,236 of WalkerDocs 1.

The forwarded message outlines Mexican immigration laws that human rights activists call immoral, such as felony charges and years of imprisonment for undocumented immigration into the country. Here's a screenshot.

A similar list was circulated in 2010 by rightwing blogger Michelle Malkin, with the implication being that America should start jailing undocumented immigrants for years at a time -- which the U.S. already does.

"What is wrong with this picture???" Walker's aide asks. "The new word for supervisors today 'undocumented'!!! I would really love to send this to them. Read what they do in Mexico if it was reversed."

"Don't hold back," Walker replies.

Milwaukee County Board Supervisor Peggy West stirred up immigration talk in June of 2010, just a couple weeks before the email forward by Moore, when she expressed opposition to Arizona's anti-immigrant law. Rightwing bloggers ridiculed her comments at the time because she misstated Arizona's geography.

Photo: Flickr user, creative commons licensed.