The Latest from Walker’s John Doe Files

Walker’s Deputy Asks Him for Permission to Stop Using Illegal Computer.

With a secret computer router and email system in place, Milwaukee County inner circle members actually had to ask Walker permission to follow the law.

In the #WalkerDocs is a telling email exchange from Kelly Rindfleisch, the convicted felon and former deputy chief of staff, letting Walker know that, because Chief of Staff Tom Nardelli's computer problems, she would be using her actual assigned Milwaukee County Email: "If it is ok with you."

Scott Walker`s John Doe Files

"Tom is having computer trouble. If it is ok with you, I will forward Lisa’s response from my milwcnty e-mail."

If you'd like to help, download the files for yourself (WalkerDocs 1 | WalkerDocs 2) and tweet your tips at @TheProgressive under #WalkerDocs.