Democratic Convention

Bill Clinton makes the case for sanity in politics

I love Bill Clinton.

So do most Americans. His popularity rating is near 70%, which is why even Republicans like Newt Gingrich and Paul Ryan are trying to use him as a contrast to President Obama. If only Obama were more like Clinton, they say. I have not heard them mention how their party impeached him and crucified him when he was president.

For most Wisconsin delegates, Democratic convention is a pricey affair -- but worth it

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Bob Welsh has been a "card-carrying liberal" his entire life. But it's only recently that the 74-year-old school bus driver has become involved in politics. The Wauzeka resident first got involved two years ago, working to reelect his congressman, Rep. Ron Kind (D-La Crosse). Then he got swept up in the Wisconsin protests last year.

"It was four trips to Madison, going around the Square in the winter time," Welsh says. "I just got caught up in it.... For two solid years, that's all I was doing."


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