Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on May 18, 2011

Fifty years ago this month, an interracial group of activists decided to take a risky step and put their bodies on the line to challenge the entrenched policy of racial segregation in the American South.

Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on June 10, 2009

A Puerto Rican woman from a poor neighborhood in the South Bronx should bring her unique experiences and sympathies with her to positions of power. And if she sympathizes with groups of people who, for too long, have been ignored or invisible in our society, that is a strength of character — not a character flaw.

Posted by The Progressive on April 09, 2008

Puerto Rico may at last be relevant this political season. Its primary on June 1 has 63 delegates at stake, and Sen. Hillary Clinton has said she will campaign all the way through Puerto Rico.


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