RNC attendee bucks GOP's anti-environmental stance with ConservAmerica

Rob Sisson is tired of seeing environmentalism being dismissed by Republicans. In a party that recently adopted the slogan "drill baby, drill" he's a bit of an odd duck. But he's prodding the party to take environmental issues seriously.

"The anti-science rhetoric that portions of our party spout is turning off a lot of the younger college kids who haven't identified with a party yet," says Sisson, who is attending the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Scott Walker speech a high point for Wisconsin delegates at GOP convention

Sol Grosskopf has been getting his picture taken an awful lot at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. And it's easy to see why: everywhere he goes, Grosskopf proudly wears his cheesehead hat, which he's adorned with a Romney-Ryan pin. He's usually quoted in media reports saying the country is in a "cheesehead revolution."


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