Tammy outraises Tommy by $1 million in Wisconsin Senate Race

Update: Tommy Thompson raised $3.6 million to Tammy's $4.6 million for the third-quarter reporting period, according to news releases by the two campaigns after they filed reports with the FEC today.

Over the weekend, Wisconsin Congressman and V.P. hopeful Paul Ryan and Governor Scott Walker attended a fundraising event for Thompson at the Harley Davidson museum in Milwaukee.

The event attracted protesters who denouced Ryan's budget plan and proposed Medicare vouchers.

Privately, Thompson supporters worry that the national Republican party did not put adequate resources into the Wisconsin Senate race, because of overconfidence that Thompson--a popular ex-governor--would easily beat Baldwin, a progressive member of Congress from liberal Dane County with less name recognition around the state.

After barely surviving a costly three-way primary, Thompson began the general election with only $2.4 million to Baldwin's $7.1 million.

Baldwin quickly moved to define Thompson in television ads that emphasized his work lobbying for the health care industry.

Tammy’s ads (“Tommy Thompson, he’s not for you anymore,” the narrator says in one of them) have “cast some doubt about whether he is still connected to Wisconsin the way he was in the ’90s,” says Jay Heck of Wisconsin Common Cause.

According to FEC data from the last reporting period, collected by the Center for Responsive Poltics and available on the web site OpenSecrets.org.

some of Baldwin's top contributors include EMILY's List ($216,743) the League of Conservation Voters ($56,326) JStreetPAC ($54,865) the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund ($16,400) the National Education Association ($11,250) and Planned Parenthood ($11,250).

Thompson's top contributors include the Fortune 500 health care company Centene Corp. ($42,500), Micheal Best & Friedrich ($33,099), US Bancorp ($17,500), Procter & Gamble ($15,000), Aurora Health Care ($11,950), Exxon Mobil ($11,500), and Eli Lilly & Co. ($10,500).

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