Posted by Anonymous (not verified) on February 21, 2014

Appearing on “All In with Chris Hayes” on Wednesday night, The Progressive’s editor Ruth Conniff reminded the liberal network’s viewers that the John Doe probe in Wisconsin isn’t just a partisan witch hunt like Gov. Walker’s supporters claim.

“Yes, these partisan folks have called it a partisan witch hunt from the beginning,” she said. “Unfortunately for them, a lot of the lead investigators and judges are Republicans. In this investigation, if you look at who is conducting it, it just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.”

“The second John Doe investigation, which is still underway as you mentioned, is led by a rock-ribbed Republican who sought to be a Bush appointee,” Conniff added. “The judge in Milwaukee, in the first John Doe, is a Republican. So, that just doesn’t hold water."

This video was aired by MSNBC on Feb. 19, 2014.