Oliver Stone: Don’t Complain About Torture in “Savages”

Here is an excerpt from an excellent interview that Ed Rampell did with Oliver Stone for Festival of Films. Rampell notes that there is some torture depicted in Savages, and he asks Stone:

Ed Rampell: “In recent years, there’s been lots of torture in American movies and TV shows. Why?”

Oliver Stone: [Pauses.] Maybe because it’s happening, Ed. [Laughs] We’re dealing with a subject matter — I don’t know, I can’t speak for other shows… We’re talking about the cartel here. There’s practically 50,000 murders on the record here, involving mostly civilians, and many of them have been tortured to death. So, what are we talking about? What about Iraq? What about what’s going on in the Middle East? What about our wars? Wars come home to roost. Who the f**k is kidding who?

To read the whole interview, go here: http://www.festivaloffilms.com/blog/2012/07/05/exclusive-interview-with-oliver-stone-the-savage-is-loose/

(Ed Rampell often conducts interviews for The Progressive. You can see his interview with Charles Ferguson here: http://www.progressive.org/ferguson_interview.html)

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