Posted by Anonymous on November 05, 2012

While Bruce Springsteen wrapped up his new ditty, trying to find words that rhymed with Obama, the President’s top advisors briefed reporters this morning in Madison, Wisconsin.

Advisors David Axelrod and David Plouffe, who managed Obama’s 2008 campaign, and Robert Gibbs, former White House press secretary, were confident the President would win the election.

Axelrod said Team Obama had mapped out many ways to 270 Electoral College votes, and “all those pathways are intact.”

“We’re not throwing Hail Mary’s, and it’s a difference between the campaigns,” Axelrod added.

Plouffe said that it “was destined to be a tight race.”

Dressed in 2008 Obama campaign gear, the three almost started to wax nostalgic, with Axelrod saying they were aware these were the last days of the campaign.

“Tonight, when we’re in Des Moines, we’ll be right outside of our headquarters when in 2007 we started and nobody gave us a chance,” said Plouffe.

“I remember when he called high school leaders who were organizing for him, and they said, ‘Can you call me back, I’m in class right now,’ ” Axelrod said. “There were certain indignities associated with running for President back then.”

Gibbs expressed confidence about some swing states. When asked about Pennsylvania, Gibbs said, “We’ll be fine.” He added: “I feel good about Wisconsin.

I feel good about Ohio.”

Axelrod took a moment to stop talking about poll numbers to appreciate the sunny (but chilly) morning. “It’s a beautiful day. America’s poet laureate is singing songs about the American people,” Axelrod said. “What could be better?”


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