Why Obama May Appoint Christie at Homeland Security

With Janet Napolitano leaving the Department of Homeland Security to head up the University of California system, President Obama has a big appointment to make to his cabinet.

And I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict that he’ll appoint New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

While this might seem improbable, given the conventional wisdom that Christie is running to be the Republican standard bearer in 2016, hear me out.

First off, Obama and Christie have a warm working relationship, as they demonstrated in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Plus, Obama admired Christie for acting strong during a national emergency, which is part of the job description at Homeland Security.

And the choice might appeal to both men.

For Christie, it would be a step up. And he must know, in his heart of hearts, that he’s not likely to win the Republican nomination. He’s too liberal on some social issues. And many Republican primary voters will never forgive him for hugging Obama in the midst of the last Presidential run.

For Obama, it would give him another opportunity to show off his bipartisanship, which for some unfathomable reason he never seems to tire of doing.

So give me odds on this odd couple.

You heard it here first.

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