September 2012

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Comment Europeans Fight Back

On the Line


Ruth Conniff reveals the biases of Mitt Romney.



Peruvians Face Off Against Newmont Mining Bill Weinberg
Protesters have had to battle both the U.S.-based company and their own government.

Libya, One Year Later Reese Erlich
Militias are the power centers, while Washington pushes privatization.

1st Person Singular

Greenwald vs. Goliath Michael Atkinson

The progressive filmmaker takes on the Koch brothers in his new venture.



Dave Zirin chronicles the fate of a Palestinian soccer player.

Will Durst marvels at the GOP’s care less approach.

Poem Natalie Shapero

Books Matthew Rothschild reviews Pete Seeger: His Life in His Own Words, selected and edited by Rob and Sam Rosenthal.

Jim Hightower replaces the Dow Jones average with the Doug Jones average.