August 2011

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Three More Years of War

Comment | Ours is a war and a Wall Street economy. Everything else is immaterial.

On the Line


Terry Tempest Williams

savors cherries and celebrates simple pleasures.

Leaving a Stench Behind

Ruth Conniff | Scott Walker has even deregulated raw sewage.


Obama and Black America

Kevin Alexander Gray | Blacks still seem to have Obama’s back, but does he have theirs?

Is African American enthusiasm for the President being reciprocated?


Atomkraft? Nein Danke! Paul Hockenos
Germany’s anti-nuclear success offers lessons for the U.S.

1st Person Singular

Was My Father Evil? Diane Silver

After all this time, I believe I finally know the answer.

Spain’s Young People Turn Indignant María Carrión

They are seeking nothing less than a profound social transformation.


An Interview with Chris Hedges

David Barsamian | "When you have a liberal class that no longer functions, then you cede power to very frightening, deformed figures."


Poem Martin Steingesser.

Will Durst urges Obama to give someone the heave-ho.
Dave Zirin roots for LeBron James.

Books Matthew Rothschild reviews The Trouble Ball, by Martín Espada; Tonight No Poetry Will Serve, by Adrienne Rich; and Inside the Money Machine, by Minnie Bruce Pratt.

Jim Hightower busts a network of corporate wonk shops.