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On the Line


Terry Tempest Williams discusses a new documentary that compels us to view the universe differently.

Shirin Ebadi rises to defend her imprisoned lawyer.

The Republican War on Education Ruth Conniff
In state after state, governors take aim at public schools.

Not Just a Plan for Wisconsin Lena Taylor
State by state, Republicans blast away.

Awash in Foreclosure Andrew Stelzer and Rachel Zurer
In Detroit, if you don’t pay your water bill, you can lose your house.

The Shadow of Fukushima Harvey Wasserman
We are witnessing nuclear power’s death spiral.

Sharif Abdel Kouddous Matthew Rothschild
“When people take power into our own hands, we bring each other together globally in a way that no government ever could,” says Democracy Now’s Middle East correspondent.

Palestine’s Unapologetic Leading Man Lisa Mullenneaux
Mohammad Bakri has never shied away from controversy.

Poem Liza Porter.

Kate Clinton connects our ancient wanderings to current migrations. 
Dave Zirin slaps a T on David Stern.

Books Elizabeth DiNovella reviews Inside WikiLeaks, by Daniel Domscheit-Berg, and WikiLeaks, by The Guardian.

Jim Hightower exposes the new Congress’s central obsession.