August 2010

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Comment Out of Afghanistan

On the Line

Ruth Conniff sees the Right co-opting progressivism.

Terry Tempest Williams offers a prayer to awaken.

Don't Waste the Outrage Bill McKibben
We need to put a high price on carbon.

Disaster on the Half Shell Jason Mark
No one is working the shucking tables in Louisiana.

Our Only Chance Robert Redford
It is time for the collusion to stop.

A Permanent Moratorium Antonia Juhasz
BP's disaster in the Gulf is far from an isolated incident.

Energy Extremism Michael T. Klare
Environmental catastrophe is the inevitable outcome.

Features Resistance Has a Woman's Face Shirin Ebadi
It will be women who will bring democracy to Iran.

Interview Alex Gibney Joseph Huff-Hannon
"I'm always interested in the path of corruption," says the Oscar-winning director about his latest film, Casino Jack.

Culture Portraits of the Marianas Koohan Paik

A new documentary puts in focus this unsung U.S. territory.

Poem Rachel Hadas

Will Durst trusts BP as far as he can throw a deserted shrimp boat.

Dave Zirin says sports fans deserve better.

Books Elizabeth DiNovella reviews The Empire Strikes Out.

Jim Hightower translates America's anger for the Brits.