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On the Line


Luis J. Rodríguez finds hope amidst the violence of Ciudad Juárez.

Terry Tempest Williams is inspired by a new generation of student activists.


The Bankers’ Latest Scam Ruth Conniff
See why the financial industry is supporting candidates condemning “bailouts” and “fat cats.”


Mexico’s Squid Sweatshops Virginia Sole-Smith

The squid in our stores is often processed in horrendous conditions in Mexico.

Interview Ed Asner Ed Rampell “There are lots of people in Hollywood who give lip service to progressive causes,” says the TV legend and star of Up.

Culture Returning the Banjo to Its Black Roots Geoffrey Dobbins The Carolina Chocolate Drops revitalizes folk music.

Poem Kevin Young
Kate Clinton reviews the recent outpouring of nastiness.

Dave Zirin visits a new World Cup stadium in South Africa.

Books Amitabh Pal reviews Reset: Iran, Turkey, and America’s Future, by Stephen Kinzer.

Jim Hightower watches “Enlightenment values” flee Texas.