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On the Line


Luis J. Rodríguez combats the slurs against Spanish-speaking students.

Terry Tempest Williams bears witness to the Haitian earthquake from afar.


After the Earthquake, Haiti Can’t Get a Break Ezili Dantò

The U.S. media is portraying the island nation in the worst way possible.


U.S. Bases in Colombia Rattle the Region Benjamin Dangl

The Pentagon calls them a “unique opportunity” for “full-spectrum operations.”

Deportation Order
Randa Jarrar

My brother was at risk of being booted out of the United States.


Gail Collins Ruth Conniff

“I wanted to write a book about what happened to women in America,” says the New York Times columnist.


The Art of Recycling Anne Elizabeth Moore

Material Exchange makes use of the detritus of consumer culture.

Poem Lisa Chen

Kate Clinton compares herself to George Clooney.

Dave Zirin talks to a Haitian ex-NBA player.

Books Deborah Hicks reviews Why School? Reclaiming Education for All of Us, by Mike Rose.

Jim Hightower notices even fire hydrants can’t escape the reach of corporations.