October 2006

Comment Afghanistan Unliberated

Barbara Ehrenreich takes pity on Wal-Mart.

Ruth Conniff looks at the anti-peace movement.

The Myth of the Ticking Time Bomb Alfred W. McCoyWhy this common rationale for torture does not hold up.

Colonial Police Force by Uri AvneryThe failure of the Israeli army comes as no surprise to me.

Hezbollah's Bounded Victory Raed El RafeiHezbollah did emerge strengthened after the war, but not enough for it to control Lebanon.

John Dean by Matthew Rothschild "I began looking closely at Bush and finding the striking Nixonian features of this Presidency," says President Nixon's White House counsel.

Will Durst comes up with a winning playbook for the Democrats.

Poem Dahlia Ravikovitch

Books Matthew Rothschild debunks the 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Molly Ivins is no friend of Fidel.