June 2006

Comment A Gouging Market

Edwidge Danticat be holds immigrants coming out from the shadows.

[[:mag_conniff0606| Ruth Conniff]] questions Dems about censure.

[[:mag_nguyen0606|Roadblocks to Asylum]] by Tram Nguyen "If I go back, it will be my death," says Hortense, who fled the Congo but now awaits her fate.

[[:mag_abramsky0606|The Dope Dealer Who Got 55 Years]] by Sasha Abramsky Even the judge called his sentence cruel, unusual, and irrational.

Squelching Freedom in Iraqi Kurdistan by David Enders Bush calls the region a success, but local security forces are cracking down on dissent.

[[:mag_intv0606|Dar Williams]] by Matthew Rothschild The folk singer says she "looks at the flags and the symbols and the jingoisms of our personal fiefdoms."

Poem by Frederick Foote

Molly Ivins sees a fence that won't work.