March 2006

[[:mag_comm0306|Comment]] Audacity and Mendacity Barbara Ehrenreich asks who the real home wreckers are. Ruth Conniff cheers on a groundswell of activity in the states. Matthew Rothschild feels a chill in the classroom. Eduardo Galeano welcomes Evo back to Paradise.A Recruiter's Son Matthew Pascarella My mother is one of the top recruiters in the Army. My friend is about to cross the border into Iraq.From Torture Victim to President by Alfonso Daniels Meet Michelle Bachelet, the new Socialist president of Chile, and the first woman to head that country.Prison Outbreak Kai Wright Thousands of prisoners with hepatitis C are being doubly punished by a corrections system that is refusing to treat them. Cindy SheehanDavid Barsamian "If every peace person just stops one kid from joining the military, that's one potential American life saved," says the activist. Poem by Robert Nazarene Molly Ivinshas had it with Hillary.