November 2007

Comment Blackwater's Black Eye

Barbara Ehrenreich wants to crush the health insurance companies.

Luis J. Rodríguezmakes the case for the healing power of poetry.

[[:mag_reed1107|Sitting This One Out]] by Adolph L. Reed Jr.
"I'm not going to acquiesce in the fiction that the Presidential charade has any credibility whatsoever."

Feminists Reread the Quran by Anjuman Ali
Scholars interpret the Muslim holy book from a pro-woman perspective.

[[:mag_nichols1107|Kucinich's Challenge]] by John Nichols
If the peace candidate would stop pretending he'll be the next President, he might push the Democrats in a positive direction.

Dave Eggers by Nina Siegal
"There hasn't been an Administration as disastrous as Bush's in American history," says the bestselling author. "I've been reading Presidential biographies lately and I haven't been able to find any worse Administration, nothing comparably bad on so many levels."

Poem by Judith Hall

Kate Clinton catches ex-officials doing unearned victory laps.