February 2007

Comment Bush's Undemocratic Escalation

Barbara Ehrenreich cheers Borat and deplores routine American anti-Semitism.

Luis J. Rodríguez welcomes back Daniel Ortega.

[[:mag_zinnl0207|Impeachment by the People]] by Howard Zinn
Why a national grassroots campaign is needed to impeach Bush and Cheney.

[[:mag_pember0207|Graduating to Prison: Native Americans Sue School District]] by Mary Annette Pember
About 30 percent of elementary students in Winner, South Dakota, are Native American. Only 1 percent finishes high school.

Iraq Disintegrates by David Enders
"Three people passed by me and shot another man in the head and walked away. It's just normal."

[[:mag_intv0207|Linton Kwesi Johnson]] by Elizabeth DiNovella
"People know me as a reggae artist; they don't know me as a poet," says the British performer. "But I began with the word."

Poem by Frederick Foote

Mark Cuban is a political work-in-progress.

Molly Ivins hails some Bill of Rights heroes.