Comment Our Sinful Economy

Barbara Ehrenreich detects the can't-do spirit of the Dems.

[[:mag_hukill0107|A Peculiar Version of Friendly Fire: Female Troops Face Double Danger]]by Traci Hukill
Sexual harassment and assault are endemic in the military.

Homecoming Nightmares Elizabeth Weill-Greenberg
For many veterans of the Iraq War, everyday noises, sights, and smells are deadly threats.

A School in Coal's Shadow by Kari Lydersen
Massey Energy operates right above a West Virginia elementary school, where the kids are already getting sick.

Blanket Immunity: Bush Twists Arms to Evade Court by Amitabh Pal
The Bush Administration's campaign to get exempted from the International Criminal Court has run into some resistance.

Frank Rich by Paul VanDeCarr
"Even before 9/11, we saw signs of a Presidency that was inclined to fictionalize almost everything," says the New York Times columnist.

Poem by Minnie Bruce Pratt

The Mavericks' Maverick by Dave Zirin
Mark Cuban is a political work-in-progress.

Molly Ivins thanks conservatives for all the fun they've provided since Election Day.