February 2009

Comment Restraining Israel

Dave Zirin throws an elbow at Obama's Education Secretary.

[[:rothschild0209.html|What Is NorthCom Up To?]] Matthew Rothschild

The U.S. Northern Command now has a dedicated fighting unit—fresh from Baghdad—for dispatching here at home. Is that even legal?

Being Kind to the Land Wendell Berry

True farmers respect a home place that is healthful and fertile.

Latin America Breaks Free Benjamin Dangl

Washington no longer calls the shots.

Careful with Your Old TV Set Julia Scott

By forcing Americans to upgrade their televisions, the government is creating "the biggest e-waste tsunami in history."

[[:mag/boudreau0209.html|To Kill or Not to Kill]] Tyler E. Boudreau

A former Marine who served in Iraq reveals the cold-heartedness of today's corps.

Naomi Klein Matthew Rothschild

"We don't have a right to be disappointed" by Obama, says the author of The Shock Doctrine.

Will Durst is grateful for the new guy with strange beliefs—like diplomacy and science.

Poem Rafael Campo

Interrogation Room of One's Own Matt Pascarella

The performance artist Coco Fusco presents women who torture.

Jason Mark reviews American Earth, edited by Bill McKibben, and The Green Collar Economy, by Van Jones.

Jim Hightower can't resist some parting shots at Bush.