May 2009

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Ruth Conniff watches Tim Geithner get bewildered.

Dave Zirin[[:zirinmay09.html| hits it around with Pete Rose]].

On the Line


[[:zinn0509.html|Changing Obama’s Mindset]] Howard Zinn

Obama has to be pulled in the right direction.


Paid Sick Leave Pays Off Barbara Miner

With a victory in a Milwaukee referendum, the movement is now national.

Window Dressing in Iraq David Enders and Alaa Majeed

The U.S. military is doing the bare minimum—and sometimes less—when it comes to abiding by the Status of Forces Agreement.

The Myth of the Efficient Car Alec Dubro

The problem with the car is the car.

A One-Woman AIDS Campaign Violet Law

Meet Dr. Gao Yaojie, who spreads the word about HIV in China at great personal risk.


Rajendra Pachauri Amitabh Pal

"The U.S. has lost a lot of time—the world has lost a lot of time—in moving from fossil fuels to alternatives," says the Nobel Peace Prize-winning scientist.


Will Durst says steroids, schmeroids—let's play ball.

Poem Timothy Liu

Books Matthew Rothschild reviews Plunder and Blunder, by Dean Baker; The Great Financial Crisis, by John Bellamy Foster and Fred Magdoff; and The Return of Depression Economics and the Crisis of 2008, by Paul Krugman.

Jim Hightower decries the surge in private contractors in Afghanistan.