July 2009

Editor's Note


Comment A Bankrupt Move


Eduardo Galeano wonders why justice is blind in one eye.

Dave Zirin tackles the great Jim Brown.

Matthew Rothschild tracks the FBI infiltration of an Iowa City protest group.

On the Line


[[:zinn070309.html|A Just Cause ≠ A Just War]] Howard Zinn


Off on Vacation Elizabeth DiNovella

Gandhi's Grandson Amitabh Pal

The scion of the global icon carries on the family tradition.

A Literary Bust in Jerusalem Matthew Rothschild

Israeli security forces disrupt a Palestinian book festival.

[[:ellison071809.html|Don’t Ask Permission]] Representative Keith Ellison

[[:kucinich071109.html|Our Progressive Vision]] Representative Dennis Kucinich

We've Got the Power Dolores Huerta


Representative Marcy Kaptur Ruth Conniff

"The people who helped elect President Obama have to help him even more now," says the senior-most woman in Congress. "Because he's in with a lot of barracudas."


Poem Frederick Foote

Will Durst says Dick Cheney and torture are redundant.

Books Richard Greenwald reviews The Woman Behind the New Deal, by Kirstin Downey.

Jim Hightower traces the roots of genuine populism.