December 2009 / January 2010

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Comment Beyond the Greed Economy

On the Line


Barbara Ehrenreich doubts feminism makes women unhappy.

Luis J. Rodríguez tours a faded steel mill.

Howard Zinn discounts the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Cost of Displacement Wendell Berry

When people accept mobility as a condition of work, it means that they have accepted a kind of homelessness.

Fending Off Foreclosure Kevin Alexander Gray
I know all about the housing crisis in communities of color.

Michigan in Focus Jim West
The Great Recession is a stark reality here.

Biden's Economist Kari Lydersen
Jared Bernstein tries to fit in—and lift working families.

These People Have No Shame Bernie Sanders
The great cause of this crisis is the incredible greed and selfishness that exist in the ruling elite of America.

Firing Immigrants David Bacon
The Obama Administration extends a crackdown.

The 1930s—Flashback

Poem J. M. Connolly


Elizabeth Warren Ruth Conniff
"We've pumped a lot of money into the top of the financial structure," says the bank bailout overseer.


Kate Clinton cheers the march for equality.

Dave Zirin explains why the NFL sacked Limbaugh.

Our Favorite Books of 2009

Jim Hightower urges a jobs program—now.

Index Ina Lukas