February 2008

Comment [[:mag_pal0200|The Wrong Side in Pakistan ]]

Barbara Ehrenreich says hell is a gated community.

Luis J. Rodríguez performs an autopsy on education.

Edwidge Danticat warns of the revenge of a stigma.

Ruth Conniff salutes Edwards for focusing on corporate power.

Matthew Rothschild interviews an anti-war activist whose home was rocked.

[[:mag_dangl0208|Undermining Bolivia]] by Benjamin Dangl
The Bush Administration is using your tax dollars to sabotage Evo Morales.

A Plea for Impeachment Hearings Representatives Tammy Baldwin, Luis Gutiérrez, and Robert Wexler
"For an Administration that has consistently skirted the Constitution and asserted that it is above the law, it is imperative for Congress to make clear that we do not accept this dangerous precedent."

[[:mag/liz/intv0208|Amy Goodman]] by Elizabeth DiNovella
"The media acts as a megaphone for those in power," says the executive producer and host of Democracy Now.

Poem by Tamiko Beyer

Julia Bouwsma reviews The History of My Shoes and the Evolution of Darwin's Theory, by Kenny Fries.

Will Durst samples the undercooked chicken and the lukewarm stump speeches.