July 2008

Comment Mainstream Media Culpability

Matthew Rothschild finds a professor who was fired for not taking a loyalty oath—in 2007.

Ruth Conniff exposes John McCain's anti-abortion extremism.

Barbara Ehrenreich detects Hillary Clinton hitting a new low.

Eduardo Galeano watches a parade of lies.

Luis J. Rodríguez argues for a new approach to juvenile crime.

Dave Zirin waves the yellow flag at Danica Patrick.

[[:mag/lappe0708|A Shortage of Democracy, Not Food]] by Frances Moore Lappé

A belief system, not scarcity, generates hunger.

The Christian Right's Staying Power Chip Berlet and the Reverend Katherine Hancock Ragsdale
On the day after the election, you will not see millions of Christian Right activists raptured off planet Earth.

[[:mag/shorrock0708|Hawks Behind the Dove]] by Tim Shorrock
There's more continuity than change in Obama's foreign policy team.

Haditha Revisited By Maria Garcia.

[[:mag/intv0708|Scott Ritter]] byMatthew Rothschild
"We've never been at a greater risk of American military action against Iran," says the former Marine and U.N. weapons inspector.

Poem Ashley Marie Farmer

Kate Clinton tangles with the legacy of her name.

Steve Fraser reviews The Big Con, by Jonathan Chait, and Free Lunch, by David Cay Johnston.

Jim Hightower says bad fences make bad neighbors.