August 2008

Comment Time to Reboot

Ruth Conniff looks at those elusive feminists who support John McCain.

Matthew Rothschild reveals that Bush now wants your irises.

Dave Zirin gets to the bottom of the Big Brown scandal.

Michael Feldman leaks a personal White House memo.

Eduardo Galeano lauds the rights of nature.

[[:mag/hobart0808.html|One Teacher's Cry]] by Susan J. Hobart
Because of No Child Left Behind, I'm not the teacher I used to be.

[[:mag/aaron0808.html|The Promise of Municipal Broadband]] by Craig Aaron
It's far too early to start the funeral arrangements for public Wi-Fi systems.

Peonage in New Orleans by Christine Van Dusen
Hundreds of guestworkers from India allege fraud and gross mistreatment.

Poem J. R. Solonche

Kimberly Peirce by Vince Beiser
"I didn't set out to be a political activist," says the director of Boys Don't Cry and Stop-Loss. "I'm just a human being who's moved by certain things, and if certain things break my heart, I set out to fix them."

Will Durst is really not looking forward to the conventions.

Books John Scagliotti reviews The Family, by Jeff Sharlet.

Jim Hightower [[:mag_high0808.html|unmasks the culprits behind high gas prices]].