The Problem With That Polar Bear Hating Palin Person

Tonight will determine if Sarah Palin’s Vice Presidential nod is unraveling like an old wool sweater during a brisk walk through a bramble patch.

First off, there are questions as to how John McCain vetted the scrappy Governor of Alaska. He says he met her once. Some reports dispute it was that frequent. Either way, what was the deal: did they share a Happy Meal at some out of the way MacDonald’s, talk for twenty minutes, then he got up and said, “Okey Dokey Smokey?”

Personally, I think she rated high on his MILF list. Or maybe Karl Rove convinced him that what Americans have really been longing for is a Vice President who can shoot and field dress a moose, then cook up a roast you could die for.

GOP talking heads keep saying that since she was mayor of a town of 8,000, and governor of a state of three fifths of a million people for 18 months proves she has executive experience. You know what, that’s more night- manager- at- Radio Shack kind of executive experience than CEO- of- a- multinational- corporation kind of executive experience.

She didn’t get a passport till last year. Come on. Even Bush had been out of the country 3 times before becoming president.

Admittedly, 2 of them were to Mexico on beer runs. Mostly, she seems to excite the Christian Right base with that whole five kids and high school daughter now pregnant and we’re keeping them all no matter what they look like, sort of thing: but to the left, she’s just another headshaking example of conservative head- in- the- sand denial.

Q. What do you call a mother who believes “Abstinence Only” is a birth control method?

A. Grandma.