11 Ways the Last Day of the Minnesota State Fair is Like the First Day of the Republican National Convention.

At the MSF, the Miracle of Birth Center features calves and lambs.

At the RNC, it’s more about the Palin brood.

At the MSF, there’s a lot of bull crap being flung around and nobody makes a big deal out of it.

At the RNC, same thing.

At the MSF, the freak show features an attraction called The Human Blockhead.

At the RNC, George W Bush may wander by.

At the MSF, the admission charge is eleven dollars.

At the RNC, it only costs a tiny piece of your soul.

At the MSF, they have a stand that offers Turkey- To- Go.

At the RNC, Ann Coulter uses a charter plane.

At the MSF, visitors flock to the Sheep Barn.

At the RNC, the main focus is on the Delegate Hall.

At the MSF, there’s a Free Karaoke Stage where drunken patrons mangle the simplest of songs.

At the RNC, the Convention Stage is utilized by the rank and file to give speeches.

At the MSF, country music rules.

At the RNC, same thing.

At the MSF, you hold onto one end to eat the Spaghetti & Meatball Dinner- On- a- Stick.

At the RNC, most of the sticks are not visible having been fully inserted.

At the MSF, newborn piglets suckle at the teats of their mother sow.

At the RNC, freshmen legislators party with Coca- Cola, AT&T and Mobile- Exxon.

At the MSF, a big attraction is Bob’s Snake Zoo.

At the RNC, the Snake Zoo is Karl’s.