McCarthyism Watch

McCarthyism Watch is Progressive Editor Matthew Rothschild's running tally of civil liberties infringements. <a href="">"The New McCarthyism"</a> ran as the cover story of The Progressive in January 2002 and Rothschild's book, <a href=" Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression</a> was published in 2007.

Man Who Flies Flag Upside Down Gets a Brick Through His Truck Window and a Rock Through His Daughter's Bedroom Window

“Who are you people? If you’re going to attack me blindsided,” Mark asks, “why can’t you stand up and tell me face to face? And if that flag means so much to you, then you don’t really have a clue what this country is supposed to be about.”

Obama Campaign in South Carolina Causes Row Over Free Speech Zone

"The whole thing was just a huge disappointment in the Obama campaign," says one veteran anti-nuclear activist. "They’re presenting themselves as a new approach to politics, but what they did to us shows it’s just business as usual. They treated us as the Bush campaign would have.”


On Tutu, University Changes Its Mind, Invites Him After All

October 11, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

St. Thomas University just reversed itself. After disinviting Archbishop Desmond Tutu earlier this year over suggestions that the Nobel Peace Prize-winner’s appearance might be hurtful to the Jewish community, Father Dennis Dease, head of St. Thomas, has changed his mind.

VA Police Delete Photographs Taken by Muslim-American Journalism Student

September 17, 2007 By Matthew Rothschild

“Then they took me inside into a small little office, with a sign on it that said ‘police,’ and they questioned me about what I was doing there and why I was taking pictures.

They photocopied both my student ID and my driver’s license. Then the male officer asked whether I was a U.S. citizen.”


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