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McCarthyism Watch is Progressive Editor Matthew Rothschild's running tally of civil liberties infringements. <a href="">"The New McCarthyism"</a> ran as the cover story of The Progressive in January 2002 and Rothschild's book, <a href=" Have No Rights: Stories of America in an Age of Repression</a> was published in 2007.

Tenant Banned from Flying Flag Upside Down, Gets Death Threat

Meet Dale Decker, 31.

He lives in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, about an hour north of Milwaukee.

On June 25, he decided to fly the American flag upside down on the patio of his apartment.

Decker is upset about the Iraq War, he's upset about the loss of civil liberties in the United States, he's upset about the plans he says are under way for a North American Union with Canada and Mexico, and he's upset about our economy. He himself is unemployed.


Vets for Peace Booted from National Memorial Day Parade

There is one group of veterans that isn’t allowed to march in the national memorial parade in Washington on Monday.

That’s the Veterans for Peace, Delwin Anderson Memorial chapter, based in D.C. It’s named after a World War II vet who fought in Italy and then worked for the VA for many years designing programs for injured veterans.

The group had applied to join the National Memorial Day parade.

And initially, anyway, it was accepted.

But then, late last month, the group was told that it didn’t meet the criteria to participate.

Adjunct Professor Fired for Not Signing Loyalty Oath

Wendy Gonaver was hired by Cal-State Fullerton last fall to teach American Studies and Women’s Studies. As part of her American Studies course, she had planned to teach a section on McCarthyism. But she wasn’t allowed to teach at all because she refused to sign the loyalty oath that the state of California still insists that its employees sign.

(The Los Angeles Times broke this story on May 2, and I interviewed Gonaver on May 5.)

School Superintendent Threatened over Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish

“It’s not been fun,” says Dr. Norman Fjelstad. “When I went to vote I was confronted. When I went to the grocery store, I was confronted. I get about five phone calls a day. They want me removed from my position unless I’m willing to put in writing that this will never happen again. And I won’t do that. We don’t allow bullying in our schools, and I won’t be bullied by this.”


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