Hidden History Trivia Quiz Answers

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1. On July 15, 1917, fifty thousand members of which profession went on strike for an 8 hour work day?

Lumberjacks. The International Workers of the World (IWW) helped organize the workers in Spokane. The event became part of folk music solidarity songs.


2. On December 17 of what year did Congress pass the first Clean Air Act?

1963. The passage of the Clean Air Act funded research and programs, but enforcement wouldn't happen until 1967.


3. On February 19, 1960, fifty-nine people were arrested in what city for a civil rights sit-in?

Chattanooga, TN. The lunch counter sit in protestors were mostly high school students.


4. February 28, 1828, is the date of the first publication of what Native American newspaper?

The Cherokee Phoenix, which is still published today!


5. In April 25, 1993, one million marched in DC in support of what?

Gay and Lesbian rights. Speakers included Melissa Etheridge, Ian McKellen, and Eartha Kitt.


6. You know April 22 as Earth Day. But what happened on that date in 1526?

The first slave revolt. The revolt took place in a Spanish settlement that is now South Carolina.