Green Bay is Titletown—For Campaign Ads, Not Packers

Ad spending in the Presidential campaign has exceeded $800 million, reports NBC, and is on track to reach $1 billion.

Not much cash was being spent in Wisconsin until Mitt Romney picked Congressman Paul Ryan of Janesville to be his running mate. Now, Green Bay and Madison are regularly in the top ten markets for ad spending. This week, Green Bay ranked number one and Madison ranked number five.

Why Green Bay?

Green Bay is the county seat of Brown County, the fourth populous county in Wisconsin. It’s a crucial swing district, and Republican Party of Wisconsin hosted its state convention there in May. In 2004, the county went for Bush, but in 2008, Obama won.

Wisconsin has gone for the Dems in the last few Presidential races, but the GOP, high on its Governor Scott Walker and Senator Ron Johnson victories, is trying to flip the state from purple to red.

The Obama and Romney campaigns are the two biggest ad spenders, respectively. But when outside money is factored in, the GOP is outspending Team Obama.

After the campaigns themselves, the next two biggest spenders are the Karl Rove-backed Crossroads groups (American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS) followed by the pro-Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future.

Restore Our Future just announced it will be spending $12 million on ads in nine swing states, which includes Wisconsin.

So get ready for lots of ads when the Packers play the Rams this weekend.

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