Eduardo Galeano

<span class="floatleft"><img src="" width="70"></span>Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan writer and journalist, is author of ‘‘The Open Veins of Latin America’’ and ‘‘Memories of Fire.”
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Great Inventions

In almost all countries of the North, the red light halts the circulation of many dangerous herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Yet in almost all of the countries of the South, the green light is on for these same agrotoxins, poisonous to humans but sold by the North.

Eduardo Galeano’s Earth Day Exclusive

Nature knows full well that even the best human laws treat her as a piece of property, never as a holder of rights. But the revindication of nature is under way in Latin America.Nature Is Not Mute

The world is painting still-lifes, forests are dying, the poles are melting, the air is becoming unbreatheable, and the water undrinkable, flowers are food and becoming increasingly plastic, and the sky and earth are going absolutely insane.

How Much Longer?

How Much Longer?
By Eduardo Galeano, September 2006

How much longer will the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier be allowed to justify the kidnapping of Palestinian sovereignty?

How much longer will the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers be allowed to justify the kidnapping of the entire nation of Lebanon?

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