Dear Progressive Supporter...

On behalf of the entire staff of The Progressive, I’d like to thank you for responding so generously to our emergency appeal for funds.

Because of you, we not only met our goal of raising $90,000 in two weeks. We actually surpassed it.

In the first 10 days of our appeal, 397 donors responded to our e-mail alert for funds, for a total of $28,818.25. (The average was a gift of $72.59, and the gifts are still coming in.)

In the first 10 days of our appeal, I made hundreds of phone calls to our most generous donors. One person sent $30,000. Another one sent $10,000. One person gave 5,000. One gave $2,500. Another gave $2,000. One gave $1,500. One gave $1,200. Fifteen people gave $1,000 each. Five people gave $500 each.

On top of that we received dozens of gifts for smaller amounts. Each one, whether for $5 or $250, has made a big difference to us. And so did the many warm letters of encouragement that we received.

All told, we raised $121,895—surpassing our goal by almost $32,000.

Because of you, we have made it through this cash-flow crisis.

This should put us on more solid footing. (And if you haven’t given already, a tax-deductible gift right now, by clicking here, would put us on even better footing!)

Yes, we’re still undercapitalized. And yes, I will, from time to time, need to ask you for tax-deductible gifts in the future.

But we shouldn’t be in the precarious situation we were in just two weeks ago.

And we have you to thank for that.

We really appreciate all the support you gave us in our time of maximum need.

Because of you, we are carrying on the The Progressive’s great tradition in this, our 100th year, of being a vibrant voice for peace and social justice.

You understand that we’re more than a magazine; we’re a cause. And we’re redoubling our energies to further that cause.

We’re forever grateful to you for this support.

 Matthew Rothschild
Matthew Rothschild
Editor and Publisher
The Progressive