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Walker Booed at Wisconsin State Fair

Protesters greeted Governor Scott Walker at the opening ceremonies of the Wisconsin State Fair. The crowd booed during Walker’s short speech at the We Energies Energy Park.
Anti-Walker protesters dressed mainly in red Ts (one of the main colors of the protesters throughout 2011) while the governor’s supporters wore green T-shirts that said, “Scott Walker, My Hero” on the front and “He’s got nads!” on the back.

Buying a Recall Candidate

Wisconsin State Senator Luther Olsen is one of the six Republicans facing a recall election this summer. After Tuesday’s Democratic primary, he will now face Representative Fred Clark in the August 9 general election.
Republicans ran “protest” candidates in the primaries in order to drag out the electoral process. All six “fake Democrats” lost.
Delaying the general election allowed the incumbents more time to campaign—and to get more campaign contributions. Millions of dollars are pouring into Wisconsin, some coming from groups outside the state.

Gerrymandering FitzWalkerstan

Last week I wrote about the GOP plans to redistrict the state. Typically this happens in the fall, but this is no typical year in Wisconsin.
Mike McCabe from the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign told me that the Republicans could very well unveil the secret plans this week and try to ram it down the state’s throat while they still have a majority. (The recalls could change that.)

Wealth Rules in Wisconsin Recall Races

As the first primary date nears, let’s look at the enormous amounts of money being spent in these recall races. State law allows lawmakers targeted for recalls to exceed normal limits. So Republicans have raised more money, but that’s because they’ve been able to fundraise for a longer period of time.
Here’s a Q&A with Mike McCabe of the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign.

Redrawing the map of FitzWalkerstan

“The only reason they would want to jump the gun, and draw state lines before municipal boundaries are done, would be to get redistricting accomplished before the recall elections this summer, which could flip control of the state senate to the Democrats. So it’s a very brazenly and blatantly partisan motivation.”


Redrawing the map of FitzWalkerstan

Wisconsin Republicans are making plans to redistrict the state. This happens every ten years, in order to accommodate population changes. But this year’s redistricting is taking on a new twist here in FitzWalkerstan, and the public is being shut out of the process so far. The maps were created in secret by lawyers hired early this year by Republican legislative leaders at a cost to taxpayers of $50,000 a month, or $300,000 and counting, according to media reports.


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