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<span class="floatleft"><img src="http://www.progressive.org/images/staff/lizeditorweb.jpg" width="70"></span>Elizabeth DiNovella is Culture Editor of The Progressive. She writes about activism, politics, music, books, and film. She also produces Progressive Radio, a thirty-minute public affairs program hosted by Matthew Rothschild. Before working for The Progressive, DiNovella was the News and Public Affairs Director at WORT-FM, the community radio station of Madison, Wisconsin.<br>
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Occupy D.C.’s Thanksgiving

“Today, we have our first Thanksgiving celebration,” says Kevin Zeese. “We have another one tomorrow on Freedom Plaza, in our kitchen. We have a great kitchen—an incredible kitchen, really—and our chef wants us to try his mango stuffing. We are looking forward to that.”

Occupied Oakland Destroyed but a New Camp Will Arise

Using tear gas and beanbag rounds, 500 cops in riot gear cleared the Occupy Oakland camp in the early hours of the morning. The open air kitchen, small garden, library, first aid station, kids’ corner, bicycle-powered media tent, arts tent, and meditation tent—gone.

Gov. Scott Walker Appoints Democrat Jeff Plale to Railroad Commission

Don’t get too excited about this new bipartisanship. Plale, along with former Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker, voted against renewing contracts with state employee unions during a December lame-duck legislative session.

Wisconsin Workers Feel the Pinch

Now that the GOP’s majority in the Wisconsin state senate has shrunk to 17-16 after the summer recall elections, there’s lots of speculation about how the fall legislation session will proceed.
Governor Scott Walker now talks about bipartisanship. State representative Mark Pocan, for one, isn’t buying it.
Wisconsinites in the Twittersphere have been hoping that GOP state senator Dale Schulz would flip and become an independent, or even
a Democrat.

Recalling the Morning After

It was a long night at the Sheraton Hotel in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, where Representative Sandy Pasch was holding her election night party. It was meant to be a victory celebration.
It was supposed to be the night Democrats would win three of six seats in a recall election, and thus flip the state senate control away from the GOP. Pasch was trying to unseat Republican Senator Alberta Darling in the Eighth District, a suburban area north of Milwaukee.


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