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<span class="floatleft"><img src="http://www.progressive.org/images/staff/lizeditorweb.jpg" width="70"></span>Elizabeth DiNovella is Culture Editor of The Progressive. She writes about activism, politics, music, books, and film. She also produces Progressive Radio, a thirty-minute public affairs program hosted by Matthew Rothschild. Before working for The Progressive, DiNovella was the News and Public Affairs Director at WORT-FM, the community radio station of Madison, Wisconsin.<br>
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Republican Misconceptions on Americans and Birth Control

“What the bishops are trying to say is that their consciences trump everybody else—both Catholic and non-Catholic here in the United States,” says Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice. “That’s not religious liberty. That’s a religious dictatorship.”


Redistricting Shocker in Wisconsin

The memos are shocking. Republican legislators and their lawyers connived at creating public support for new electoral maps. A three-judge panel ordered the documents released and wrote in a scathing critique that the GOP had engaged in an “all but shameful” effort to keep its machinations hidden from the public.

Occupy the Super Bowl

Indiana seems a lot like Wisconsin these days. In both states, people are resisting assaults on their rights as workers. Last year, Badgers protested in massive numbers and occupied the capitol building. This year, Hoosiers are protesting the new right to work legislation. And they are talking about occupying the Super Bowl.

Wisconsin Moves Forward with Walker Recall

A few hundred Wisconsinites braved the frigid cold to witness history in the making this afternoon, as more than one million signatures asking for the recall of Governor Scott Walker were dropped off at the Government Accountability Office in downtown Madison.


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