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<span class="floatleft"><img src="http://www.progressive.org/images/staff/lizeditorweb.jpg" width="70"></span>Elizabeth DiNovella is Culture Editor of The Progressive. She writes about activism, politics, music, books, and film. She also produces Progressive Radio, a thirty-minute public affairs program hosted by Matthew Rothschild. Before working for The Progressive, DiNovella was the News and Public Affairs Director at WORT-FM, the community radio station of Madison, Wisconsin.<br>
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Wisconsin GOP Senate Candidates Benefit from Government Contracts

Wisconsin Republican Senate candidates Eric Hovde and Tommy Thompson are denouncing government spending on the campaign trail. But a close look at their personal fortunes reveal the two have greatly benefitted from—wait for it—government contracts.

Little-Known Republican Group Once Again Spends Big Money in Wisconsin

The brainchild of Republican stalwarts Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie, the Republican State Leadership Committee paved the way for Governor Scott Walker and Act 10. The group is back, and has already spent more money—most of it on lurid, negative ads—than it did in the 2010 election.


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