Concealed Camera Day in Wisconsin Capitol

Today is Concealed Camera Day at the Wisconsin capitol, a day where many protesters plan to challenge the latest craziness to come out of Fitzwalkerstan, the regime of Governor Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers in the legislature.

This is how nutty it’s gotten.

It’s now legal to carry a concealed weapon in the gallery of the Wisconsin State Assembly, but it’s not legal to carry a concealed camera or smart phone or to carry a sign or to wear a shirt with the First Amendment attached to it.

The Republicans who control the State Assembly have been ordering the capitol police to haul out protesters who’ve been silently and peacefully filming or wearing signs.

Those who’ve been arrested have been among a group of dedicated young activists who’ve been resisting Walker’s vile policies over the last several months.

Today and tonight, more and more people are coming to the capitol to challenge this ridiculous and unconstitutional assault on our rights to free speech and assembly.

I’ll be there, too.

If the Republicans want to insist on enforcing their repressive rules, let them arrest not just the few young people who have been protesting all along.

Let them arrest hundreds of us today.

And hundreds of us tomorrow.

And thousands the next day.

This shall not stand.

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