Posted by Anonymous on October 31, 2012

This week, Eric Cantor’s “Young Guns” Super PAC jumped into Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district race by airing an ad that glosses over Representative Sean Duffy’s extreme record on women’s health care. Instead, the ad features two women swooning over Duffy, calling him “the cute one” in the race.

The first-term Congressman may be good-looking, but his policies for women? Not so much.

He’s voted twice to block Planned Parenthood from receiving any federal funds, voted to allow hospitals to refuse to provide emergency abortion care to women who could die without it, and has been endorsed by the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC in 2012. Duffy earned a score of zero by NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Last week in a debate with his challenger, Democrat Patrick Kreitlow, Duffy called NARAL “disgusting.” He also said, when asked about his position on abortion, that “life begins at conception” and that the government should “protect life at conception.” He did not say whether he believed there should be any exceptions for rape or incest.

“Just in time for Halloween, Duffy's allies are dressing him and his record as moderate,” says Tom McDonald, spokesman for Kreitlow for Congress. “Rolling back the clock on women's health, supporting legislation to redefine rape and defund Planned Parenthood, supporting radical personhood legislation, and calling women's health groups disgusting is not ‘cute.’ ”

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